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dear 'blue commenter" response

By attacking me and insulting me YOU prove you have an agenda and are not here to debate but press your anti-Republican rant in attackung Rand.

In 1988, I had been a libertarian for 12 years, and I did NOT vote for Republican Ron Paul who joined the LP for all of 6 months to steal the LP nomination from far more deserving libertarians. RP was NOT beloved but resented by many libertarians, who like me, left that lame excuse for a party that is nothing but a soap box for Republicans that can't make the GOP nomination. He may be "beloved" by a few inteligent hacks who use him so someone will buy their books, but the fact is, they are going nowhere politically, and wax academically, least you forget Noam Chomsky is a Libertarian. Those minds have nothing to do with Rand because Rand is not a pied piper like his Dad. Ron got me into the GOP, and Rand is keeping me in the GOP because he is the best thing happening (and the RNC promises to be the best party of the decade).

You say he waters down his principle.. what you really mean is, he nominated Romney.. and what people like you don't like is you can't deal with the reality, Ron was NOT in to win. What Rand's nomination did was wake up those who had signed the loyalty oaths to the party and the GOP was gearing up to take us OUT. THANK YOU RAND.. he has liberty committees where all his dad had was neocon committees and sign wavers. The only thing here remaining to be seen is what you will do (my bet is you run away).

I am a stanch zionist. Ron Paul said "Israel is our very good friend". Unlike many here, I dug deep to find out why.. after all, didn't Ron see the millions of videos about Israel apartide, murdering children, spying on the USA? Where did Ron Paul get off saying Israel is our friend?

Now I know. Most the millions of videos about Israel are half truths, propeganda to have Americans turn against Israel.. why? Because the global powers want Americans to become Palestinians/ Syrian Rebels. Why? Because none of those people have any rights. Israeli's have FREEDOM, because Israel PROTECTS their rights and will kill to keep them. Think about that when you read folks here armed to the teeth and crying about not having enough ammo, storing rice.. this is cave man thinking if you look to see what Israel is doing by comparison.. and Israel is a very small area.. we should be emulating Israel not damning Israel.

And it's hard to find the goods on Israel.. it's buried .. I have two business ideas from watching Israel (one company that started in February has already made a profit of $130 million, has 30K partners, and ILLEGAL in the USA, so we are LOSING. Israel is so far ahead of us.. we are going backwards while they are advancing.. The more I see the GOODS on Israel, the more I see all the claims against Israel as propeganda.. we are being sold a bill for our demise.. you know it, your feel it, you can see it.. and Palestine is NOT the way to overcome, but to enbed you/ bury you. So if that's where you want to be with some altruistic idea that this makes you more principled than Rand or me, or anyone who is going beyond sustaining and approaching THRIVE.. Cry rant away.. it's all you got and it's your own fault for NOT digging, not asking questions, claiming defeatest principles. DO WHAT YOU WANT. And be sure to call me "the herd".. though it's pretty apparent I'm standing alone here, but am very strong, because I see the truth and it does not upset me, but empowers me.. and I empower Rand.

Who will you empower? not Palestine no matter how hard you work at empowering Palestine over your own freedom. They don't have freedom.