Comment: You have mistaken me

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You have mistaken me

I do not support any politicians. I do not vote. I did help get the word out about Ron for exposure to his ideas but I do not vote because I do not want to make the fraud of voting appear to be real.

The political machine I refer to is the millions of like minded people who put real time and effort into helping raise awareness about Ron's wisdom but who never supported any other candidate before or since. I met many of these people and they were not armchair quarterbacks and most of them had no delusions about any possibilities of electoral success but many did take it to the man in many ways and have changed the national dialogue as a result.

The vast majority in this country are the people who don't vote because they are fed up with the whole criminal situation. Many of these are Ron Paul supporters.

So I think you attacked the wrong guy here. I agree with your sentiments with the exception of me licking anyone's boot.

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