Comment: DOMA Can't Violate 14th

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DOMA Can't Violate 14th

DOMA, a federal statue, can't violate the 14th amendment as the 14th amendment equal protection clause and due process clause are specifically addressed to the STATES.

Now please kindly point out where Equal Protection is stated in the 5th amendment. Can't? Guess you won't be a Supreme Court justice.

As for the fraud, just read the opinion; it strains itself to come up with reasons to reach a predetermined conclusion. I'll hold aside the "jurisdiction ruling" as I'm not good enough at law to understand that mess. The opinion merely says in several different ways that DOMA limits liberty and you can't limit liberty per the 5th amendment. This is inconsistent with 1) the meaning of the 5th amendment(and the constitution for that matter) and 2)holdings from the exact same group of people that came up with this decision!

How on earth can you say the government can't limit liberty when the amendment specifically says you can limit liberty with "due process of law"? Second, how can you rule sometimes that the government can make laws specific to certain people (polygamy for example) yet can't for other people? It's inconsistent with itself.

I suggest you read the opinion and dissents and see if you can understand the reasoning. I'm telling you, if you love the constitution you will be sorry we had discussions like this one day.