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Comment: this isn't the best ruling but its a good start

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this isn't the best ruling but its a good start

IMO opinion most of SCOTUS rulings are "pulled out of their asses" so I am not surprised.

As far as the 14th, states do not have the right to treat citizens unequally, so SCOTUS could have used that to grant marriage equality through either the Prop 8 or DOMA rulings.

Polygamy is a red-herring though, as it is almost always older men who just want to collect women which often creates slave-like living situations. Marriage was ruled a civil right in Loving V. Virginia and polygamy was never deemed a right.

But I'm not a lawyer (or a supreme court justice) and am trying to wade through this all like everyone else. But as far as I can tell...

Laws must be the same for all so I believe that you can't limit on groups right to life liberty and property which is why they may have pointed to the 5th.