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I pray for Iceland, also

I just think he is safer on an island. If anyone is interested, there is an Icelandic crime writer who is fairly well known and quite good. I have read two of his books, mostly because I like to read foreign born writers because you learn about the culture that way. His name is Arnaldur Indridason. I read "Jar City" and just finished "Silence of the Grave". I liked Silence better. It is definitely a different place. Most of the people are related in some way, it seems. Also, I guess they have a drug problem there, like anywhere, it seems heroine is available. I get the impression of a cold weather people, which means it takes awhile to get to know them. Also, in these books, they refer to things like, "a typical Iceland murder", which is typical of a small-town attitude. Anyway, I Snowden would be safer there. I worry about Glenn,also. I hope he is being cautious.