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Comment: Ok -things are just plain out of whack these days

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Ok -things are just plain out of whack these days

Did I really just see part of the Constitution on an MSM broadcast???
Did a MSM broadcaster just educate the sheeple that we have not had a "war" since WWII.
Did he actually just come right out and tell all of America how stupid they are and that they may actually just want to pick up the Constitution and read it one day?

Hey dickhead - educating the sheeple about the Constitution, illegal wars and the ignorance of America IS THE DAILY PAUL'S JOB!!!!!!
Nobody asked you for help - so go back to being an establishment shill worshiping Lord Obama.

As others have stated - it would have held more weight had you called out those reps in a bipartisan manner(everyone loves bipartisan anyways)

The Second Amendment is even shorter than Article III section 3 so it will fit nicely on your screen as well. Just a thought.

TPTB are really just screwing with us now - that's all I can say.