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Comment: The sum of the parts...

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The sum of the parts...

What people do in privacy is their own business. I have nothing against gay folks, even their marrying. Most of us don't because we've all known a number of them throughout our life. They are often family and friends. The question is whether this 'rights' issue is an organic, the time has come social phenomenon or promoted by those whose sole purpose is control? In our times the concept of freedom is often used for reasons beyond the superficial ones that are repeated endlessly.

The Supremes ruling certainly pushes to the back seat the spying 'issue' which is another thing we are expected to accept. It's accept everything time. Open immigration, corporate crimes, banking corruption, repressive globalism, austerity, GMO foods, neverending war, zionism, on and on. These all fit together and add up and when you push the equal button the readout says "accept your slavery."