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Comment: Here we go with the conpiracy

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Here we go with the conpiracy

Here we go with the conpiracy stuff again! coo coo!

Of course it was an accident. There's no way a computer controlled car like his could be remotly driven into a tree. Its only random chance that everyone who has dirt on the government has similar accidents. I mean, maybe its karma, hello; Roman's 13 anyone? JC doesn't want us questioning our Overlords. Maybe God is assassinating these neir-do-wells and trouble makers for trying to interfier with the empire?

Why is everything suspicious to you people? Next you'll be saying that the NSA is spying on people and collecting data on all Americans. You wing nuts think everything is a conspiracy! Just like JFK, Golf of Tonken, 911 and every other crack pot conspiracy out there, you'll be prooven wrong by the test of time. Its really just better to trust your government. They care about you.