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Comment: What if the decision to live

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What if the decision to live

What if the decision to live publicly as a gay person is based on some kind of psychological trauma early in life and/or other outside factors?

Just a thought. Since we are social animals, the decision to set one's self up as a pariah and a perpetual martyr could be seen as a disorder.

If some people actually are born ardently gay, that number would be kept at a bare minimum in the species, you would think, by those people's failure to procreate with very much enthusiasm.

Additionally, adopting the gay lifestyle and mindset is not necessarily the same as being born with certain preferences or traits that are normal for the opposite sex. People can be converted to *anything*. It just takes the convergence of the right factors.

I think the forced normalization of gayness in the modern world is likely due to social engineering schemes aimed at undermining families, religious groups, communities, etc...organizations that challenge state power by providing their own agendas and support systems for individuals.