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Oh really??

That's such an extremely detailed account of your experience canucksforpaul2. Intelligent response with extremely precise details.

Ah but who would blame nature and even if one were to blame nature it would not have stirred as much coverage, controversy, emotion, and conspiracy as the 9-11 attacks that changed the world, or do you think your town flood should have and didn't?

Now I'm not saying that family members should always be doing tours and sharing tears across the nation or carrying picture frames of lost ones at press conferences or at Congress or everywhere they go, but don't you think there should have been a bit more activity from friends and family after 9-11?

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?

9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos