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2 things

1st, IMHO the US wants more immigrants because "working age" adults are the collateral behind the selling of our debt. Doesn't matter if the working age adults actually have a job...just that they fit the legal definition for the collateral as required. Also, allowing criminal immigrants into the US will help the profits of the private prison industrial complex. We can't forget that the baby boomers are retiring at historic rates and so the US needs bodies...any bodies to replace the retiring collateral.

2nd, after reading another post today about the likely probablility that most of our so called "leaders" are being made me wonder out loud about some of the very unusual things that Rand has done and/or said over the past couple years. Not wholeheartedly supporting his Dad, backing Romney, Sucking the wailing wall in Israel, saying it would be ok for a drone to kill a dude stealing $50 from a liquor store in a US city, etc. I've never heard of anything scandalous about Rand but he is human...and he's done enough anti-liberty things for me to totally reverse my views about him.