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Could be that you need help understanding my point.

I have no problem at all with gay people on an individual basis. I'm talking about trends and norms.

Behaviors and dynamics for the species, developed over hundreds of thousand of years and bred into us for survival, don't just go away overnight. A certain small percentage of gay people, like any abnormality, could naturally occur. But overpowering gay tendencies, since they have serious survival disadvantages, would logically be self-limiting in some kind of direct relationship with how powerful the tendencies were....The more overtly gay, or the more attracted one was to the same sex, the less likely procreation would be....Likewise, the people powerfully attracted to the opposite sex, who act as is expected of their own sex in their group, are likely to have many opportunities to multiply their kind.

The result would be any genetic-type gayness kept at tiny minimum....I don't think there's any getting around this logic.

So, when gayness suddenly becomes so prevalent and vital to our identity, I think the cause is something other than any natural gay streak in the species. History certainly teaches us that humans can think themselves into all kinds of bizarre behaviors. No reason a widespread gay fixation couldn't just be a form of mass hysteria.