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Comment: im not talking about banks taking the money but the business

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im not talking about banks taking the money but the business

as a business owner, trying to keep track of 10k different currency and the relative value of them would be a logistical nightmare. Not only that but you basically would have to take the banks word that the intrinsic value (pegged to a standard like gold) is honest.

for example... lets say there are 3 differnt banks in my city alone...
all have there own currency. assuming there is no FDIC insurance... i would have to keep track of those 3 banks to be sure that those notes do not become worthless if the banks are about to go bankrupt. scale this out to 10k currency and now i have to track them all to be sure any one of those banks aren't on the verge of collapse leaving me holding the bag of worthless currency.

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