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Comment: "But it is difficult because

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"But it is difficult because

"But it is difficult because if we have no laws on this people take it to one extension further. Does it have to be humans?"

Oh the rhetoric! Does Rand actually test these lines with some secret polling agency?

Yes, they have to be human Rand. If there is anything that both straight and gay people agree with, they agree that people should not be allowed to marry their couch, dog, front lawn, or their television.

Marriage is the union of two human souls.

A lady I know happens to be very wealthy, gay and Catholic. She's married to her partner who is Jewish. They've been together for over 15 years, and have 3 adopted children. All of their kids are straight A students, very respectful and kind. They smile, laugh, and behave like every other normal kid. Ben is from Asia, Will is African American, and their youngest daughter was born in Puerto Rico. They are a family.

Two moms or two dads are better than one or none.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.