Comment: I have never endorsed violence, and I won't start now... BUT

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I have never endorsed violence, and I won't start now... BUT

after all these revelations, with more to come, the public still does nothing. So, what options are there really when the whole system is infected from within? What legal means is there that actually serves the people anymore? Like, really. It's that kind of realization that leads many to believe that a violent revolution is the only answer.

However, all these infected parasitic systems survive only off of the blood of their host. The People are the host. So would it not make sense to stop feeding the system? All these institutions are corporate in nature and ONLY survive by consent.

The problem, or I should say the SOLUTION is to shift your awareness away from being an American, a Syrian, an Afghan, an Iranian, a Russian, Chinese etc., and begin to see yourself, FIRST AND FOREMOST, as a Human Being on Planet Earth. We are here to live out our lives as we see fit as free beings in pursuit of happiness. So when we realize that we have an IMPOSED system of rules and laws to suppress our desires, while others are free to steal, murder, rape and oppress the rest.

We are "bound" by black thick liquid spread upon paper in symbols known as letters that form groups of symbols known as words that were created by some other human(s).

We can simply STOP cooperating in this illusionary imposition of a "civilized society" but we must do it in such a number that many of the cooperative systems fail. Money runs all "their" schemes and toys. Yet another form of ink and paper. Look at how we slave over this meaningless invention, backed by precious metals or not, in jobs we can't stand to pay for basic things that belong to us all.

We need to look down upon those who see themselves above us. This, in fact, is the Truth of the matter. Anything short of this realization, will only result in a revolution conditioned into our lives allowing the PTB to reorganize and rule us from a new system of illusion.

I will continue to imagine a peaceful transition. I see much of it already happening day to day. People are waking up more and more regardless of the fear mongering created to stifle it. Thanks to technology, the World's peoples are connecting and learning from one another in a sort of artificial Global Consciousness. Many of us haven't even realized that. But we will. In time.

I am a "Polish-born Canadian" human but I consider all the world's people my family. And like any family members, I don't want us to fight anymore. I Love you all and hope, for all our sake, that a select few of you grow up with the rest of us and join the paradigm shift into this Global Awareness.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin