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I wasn't going to really

I wasn't going to really comment but I felt that I had to clear something up.

-I'm a Christian; let us get that out the way. How I feel about an act never dictates how I feel about a person. I have many homosexual family members and we kick it the same way we did before I knew about it. If they ask me my views, they respect it because they know that because you do something doesn't make it truly greater that what it is. As far as the act is concerned, I look at the act the same way I look at sex before marriage, adultery, lying, stealing, and so on. The way I treat the person is with love. You are grown and you live your life. Live and let live but some have to remember, that goes both ways. While I believe that all this hoopla is for benefit from the government (and if I'm wrong, please explain to me why so I can understand the plight), I personally don't care, the same way I won't care when polygamist make there claim. (please believe it's

-As being "Christian folk," I have 2 clear up 2 things. If people really read the Bible, the concept of righteous judgement. This really doesn't apply to this but I just had to clear that up. We, as Christians, don't have the right to condemn. The verse that you quoted (which is one of the most misused, cherry picked verses of the Bible) is related to condemnation. The key part that you didn't include in that is the conversation between the woman and Jesus. Here it is paraphrased..

Jesus - Hey. Where are your accusers. Is anyone of them going to condemn you?
Woman - No
Jesus - Neither will I. Go and sin no more. <--the ignored part.