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I disagree

I'd love to agree, and until today, I did.

I just realized, I say all I can. I have changed COUNTLESS hearts and minds for our cause.

But what does that do?

Our cause may win ideas, which are bullet proof, but until those ideas act, they are useless.

We have such great ideas, I feel like we have 99.9% of it figured out.

BUT, it's like going through life knowing how to get that smoking hot girl, but until you put your ideas into action, nothing will change. You have to grow a set first.

Right now we know what we need, and I don't know ANYONE who like congress, all the left, or all the right. I think I have spoken too much around all of em. ha. The thing is there is no response

We tried through elections, we all know Paul was cheated, if not one way, then another.

We are being spied on, held down by the IRS, you know blackmail is being used via NSA, looks like journalist are being assassinated, hell we know Americans ARE being assassinated, journalist are being called traitors and felons for reporting BY our media and government...It's rampant. WHAT have we changed? You know what I mean?

I don't encourage violence, I'm just pointing out that if we did, we know how it would end. One side or the other will be pushed until there is violence. I can't see us starting it, but me may have to finish it.

I post the TJ quote to remind people, THEY KNEW THEN. When power gets out of control like this, think you can change it all you want. NOTHING will happen until there is violent bloodshed. I'm not advocating it at all...I'm just pointing out history.