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Is he an actor/speaker well versed in marketing as was suggested by Naomi Wolf? I don't know. I am just not seeing how the U.S. Gov is benefiting here, except if he a scarecrow who they plan to later character-assassinate. If it WAS a setup from the beginning then they certainly picked the wrong journalist, that's for sure. Glen Greenwald has been killing it every time he gets on TV.

Are we witnessing a full blown three-letter agency battle between CIA and NSA as was suggested by John Young and John Rappaport?

I tend to accept any suggestion at face value, and look to see who has benefited the most.

For example I read, in another thread, that the net affect of this in China is that the people have been scared into shell-shock and are now fearful of being persecuted by the government for anything that they say online.

So it gave China gov what they wanted to have. China benefits.

I also read that Russia has thumbed their noses at US about an airport incident for 'failing' to bring Snowden in. So Russia gov got what they wanted by not cooperating with the U.S. Russia benefits.

Also what I found to be strange is the narrative. If the media knows he is about to go to Russia from Hong Kong and then layover in Cuba, to Venezuala and then Ecuador - then why the hell can't our three-letter agency get to him? Doesn't make sense. And the story about them submitting the wrong middle name and missing passport # is even more fishy. Reminds me of the Julian Assange affair. The narrative that he somehow evaded capture after doing speaking events and media interviews is totally ridiculous. And for every reason Wolf says she is suspicious of Snowden, there are 800 more to be suspicious of Assange. The media narrative was exactly the same. "blah, blah, blah, a slow-speed manhunt, US authorities are appearing in the roles of bumbling bureaucrats, armed with little more than indignation that their legal commands aren’t being obeyed overseas." right. that's the reason snowden evaded arrest. bumbling bureacrats and some quick last second manuevers that every media outlet in the world foresaw coming.