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1) Most citizens are not citizens.....please clarify this. Most people who live under the jurisdiction of the USC are, in fact, citizens of the US. Most citizens of the US acknowledge or affirm the USC as the law of the land. Most non citizens living here affirm the USC as they seek protected "rights".
2) The power of the USC was derived from the people, who created the State and then created the USC. The central governments authority comes from the contract ratified by the people and their States. The convention that wrote the proposal that later was ratified by the people, through their states, did not give or take anything. They simply proposed a new contract.
3) Amendment - to change. An amendment changes the original text, it does not add to it. Authority is arrived by the people, the people have the authority to form a government. Just like the people have the authority to change and disband a government. Authority in government is founded on the concept of the consent of the governed.
4) The confederacy was failing at providing protection from the empires of the day. The articles of confederation was not up to the task of protecting the people from international economic and military empires who did not adhere to the basic premise of human rights and property rights. Taxation is a necessary evil to fighting the empires of the day. The Articles were not worth a Continental.......literally
5) We agree, the unborn has not consented to the future obligations we have dumped on them. The fact is the unborn has been saddled with debt because WE, you and I, have allowed our society to live beyond its means. My position is we should take responsibility, for if WE dont the unborn will have no advocates. Furthermore if WE, the people, do not take responsibility for our posterity, are we really standing on the self reliance moral high ground we claim ? If you and I do not accept responsibility, as those before has done, then the dead and the unborn have been violated and good men did that your view of just, moral and sustainable ?