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Not a valid response at all...


Sea Crab.

Read the Post! Not just the title. It's tragic, but I don't see any end to this that's peaceful. I'm not saying we start violence.

I'm advocating civil disobedience.

If that is violent, then so was MLK, so was Gandhi...on and on.

I'm not advocating violence.

And waiting for my family to die in our homes...THAT'S that isolationist crap that gives us a bad rap.

Ron Paul would attack if the threat was imminent, words from his mouth.

I'm not waiting that long, promise you that. If the threat is so bad that I have to bunker down and wait to be slaughtered in my house, go out with some honor and at least take the fight to them. It is self defense if they are coming to your doorstep to kill you.

I get what you feel, but I don't think you read. Of course peace. Of course. BUT WHAT SOLUTION IS THERE. I have had NO valid answers to that. civil disobedience is the answer. That is peaceful.

If I wasn't for peace, I wouldn't be for Ron Paul at all. Above all he is for self defense. But don't forget he is all about gun rights, even for pilots...he doesn't want them to wait to go down with the plane.