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Comment: Patriot Charged With Murder

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Patriot Charged With Murder

Please don't make that headline refer to more than just Aaron Hernandez, of the NFL Patriots.

I understand (I think) where you are coming from. Civil disobedience leads to violence against the perpetrators, which is unacceptable to the public, which then rises up to put pressure back on an unjust government.

But I caution you to be careful with your words. Not everyone will read everything you wrote. Furthermore, not everyone will understand it. Many people only read headlines and jump to their own conclusions.

I don't think civil disobedience has to lead to violence. So far it hasn't with Snowden, and that story is not yet written.

I do not condone violence, and I don't like this headline on the Daily Paul. Please change it, or I'll do it for you.

Words have consequences - much further than you will ever realize. So be careful what you wish for.