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That's an easy one for us old timers.

And what I mean by "old timers" are those of us who have been reading and studying the real world since BEFORE the internet.

You see, it was long announced that there would be THREE world wars, that the last one would be fought when the time was right to scare the crap out of everyone so bad, and be such a threat to the very existence of the human race that everyone would clamor, beg, and plead for a single world government. (which the elites who stages the whole mess would run and profit from of course)

The plan has never changed.

The U.S. has to be destroyed for the plan to work.

U.S. sovereignty has to be challenged, and if possible rendered moot even before the war is in full bore.

This war doesn't need to be nuclear though there might be a few limited exchanges.

What is critical is the outcome - the decimation of U.S. hegemony, the subordinating of ALL national armies to a single "world army." and a merger of economic systems world wide.

We are already living the economic merger - and it isn't one of laissez faire.

The U.S. is betting positioned to be the totalitarian regime everyone will love to hate.

It is going to be shown to be run by fools and thugs.

And then, it is going to launch more wars - "pre-emptive" ones that is.

There will be no question about who the aggressor is next time, or the next.

The rest of the world will clamor for "regime change" in America.

They will get it.

You can't stop this.

You can only adapt to and survive the events and their aftermath.

All of this was planned long ago, (though not all the details - those are decided as they evolve and arise) and there has never been any indication by the elites that they have changed their mind. None.

They will significantly depopulate the planet, and they will completely take over. Though it won't look like they caused all of it of course. They will step forth as our "saviors."

Know them by their fruits.

If you don't understand any or all of this, it is because you are still asleep.

You are as much stuck in the false paradigm of "America good" and "others bad" as some are in the false dichotomy of Republican vs. Democrat.

There is a whole other level of reality out there, and until you wake up to it, you'll never understand most events.

Once you do see the truth, everything makes much more sense. (that doesn't make it any easier to accept - just not as confusing)