Comment: are you a child that needs to be told such?

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are you a child that needs to be told such?

Sounds like you just dont get it. Bet you even upvote yourself. Who is US. Do you speak for a group or somthing. I have said what I said. The corps are owned by the same single entity. Why would you single out this one or that. The food supply has been poisoned in all corporate food stores, but you want a list. You want to be told. You just hate to be free to the extent that when I identify your life as that of a debt slave instead of taking action against your habits you villify me. I shake my head and wonder how you came up with that trash. How do you conclude im telling what shoe to wear?

Makes me just wonder. You got lost in your own head and put a whole bunch of your stupidity into your statements that have nothing to do with what I think, or what I posted.