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The Boats

Everybody hated the privileged East India Company and the taxed monopoly tea they were bringing to the colonies. More than a few local tea merchants were put out of business and were irate over arbitrary rigging of the market and the accompanying loss of investment and income. A target was selected that would meet with popular approval since this was to be mostly a propaganda act. An act of defiance. Of Vandalism. An action nonetheless... something that would no doubt bring some type of reaction. Criminal penalties didn't seem like a good idea nor did having the police show up at your house to arrest you. To avoid this, the men who stormed the boats covered their faces and dressed like Mohawks. It would be tough to know or especially prove who they were. Identities concealed, then small group of men stormed the boat and hauled all the tea overboard. Nobody was injured or hurt but plenty of tea was destroyed and it was all in harbor for everybody to see... and the king's government could not stop it and could not find the perpetrators.