Comment: violence will happen

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violence will happen

soon as segments of society are FEMA Kamped, others pillaging for
caloric intake, marauding heathen preying on innocents, rationing,
boot licking, loveless, treacherous scalawags seeking out the feeble
then we will get pissed and maybe just maybe resort to pledging our fortunes and sacred honor in order that the light of Liberty never
is extinguished or we will sit on the DP and notice ever so often that
so and so no longer participates. Maybe the flu or on vacation ( right) truth told the cat was guillotined at Kamp Mercy !
never forget the systematic removal of offensive souls the Krauts
fried. See the Pianist movie for a gripping and all too real reminder
of the Hellish intent the NWO operate with.
gullible's one thing, pure stupidity, well that's _____________ .