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Comment: I can't help but notice

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I can't help but notice

I can't help but notice that the title of this topic was changed from "only violence will solve this" to "only civil disobedience will solve this." Yet the first sentence says violence will solve it.

Any comment?

I abhor violence. That's why they power structure has been in power for so long---they don't abhor it. They relish in it. It's the only tool they can use at their disposal because we have truth on our side.

We don't need violence. We need ideas (which we have), truth (which we have), and influential speakers (which we're getting more of).

Resistance until we influence the masses is the best way we can win, in my opinion. Resist, speak out, resist, influence, resist, prepare for the worst, resist. Resist, resist, resist. We will win.