Comment: For What Its Worth

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For What Its Worth

The market has already accepted same sex marriage, civil unions, partnerships of all kinds. People are not divided on this issue, with one big distortion.....Government !!!
Just like Jim Crow, the problems are more from over-reach of government than true irreconcilable differences by the people.

The whole issue is from granting one collective special benefits while ignoring all others. Its not just gays when it comes to probate abuse. Its not gay that bears the whole burden on the evils of inheritance laws or honoring personal contracts. Yet all this clamoring for gay rights does nothing but give the government the majority back when it comes to dictating which groups get special favors, punishing the non compliant.

Seems to me the proper response is to eliminate non-apportioned taxation and special favors to special groups. I am quite frankly disappointed in the gay activist who simply "got theirs" and left so many others in what they themselves called "oppression". I thought this community was all about a just and sustainable government protecting the rights of all, equally......seems as though they are no different than the others. Got mine !