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The Canadian Moose and the

The Canadian Moose and the Kookaburra were both limited mintage (1 million and 80,000, respectively), not a very good indication of how physical metal is following spot pricing.

The common 2013 American Silver Eagle, BU mintage, is selling around $26 (+/-) each with shipping included, (without mentioning that 20 coin rolls are going for $25 ounce...):

which is down roughly $4 ounce since the last time you made a similar post, just as spot price is down about $4 ounce since that last post...

In fact if we remember that Silver Eagles were going quite consistently for $58 an ounce on eBay in 2011, and are now at $26, we see that physical metal is down right in line with spot price, from the high of ~$50.

Of course if you just aim to post how high silver is on eBay, you should post coins that have sold for several hundred dollars for one ounce, such as this one ounce 2002 China Horse for $900 an ounce of silver:

Certainly THAT MUST show that physical silver is actually going up in price, not following spot prices down....

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