Comment: I think a lot of it may come down to money and benefits

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I think a lot of it may come down to money and benefits

I do support a same sex civil union where the same benefits are realized as opposite sex civil unions. Maybe this helps with taxes or other issues (in the current system). But the alphabet soup should be abolished. And that's where we should be united.

If the alphabet soup did not exist we might not be having this conversation. I could probably enter into a contract with a same sex buddy of mine and date tons of opposite sex people and reap the benefits. That's the downfall and why the alphabet soup should be abolished.

I was legally "married" (man and woman) but in fact in my terms it was a civil union as I am a non practicing Catholic and didn't actually get married, only got into a civil union contract as I wasn't married in church (not a decent one.) I had the wrong view of marriage.

Don't let anyone else define you. Define yourself.

Dancing in the street is actually happening locally. I don't see any reason for any party to be happy or unhappy.

United we stand and divided we fall...

We have gay and straight Ron Paul Republicans, gay and straight Libertarians, and same all throughout. There are bigger topics to handle. We are being systematically dismantled through divide and conquer.

I understand fundamentalist views on marriage and non-fundamentalist. But there are much bigger issues at hand and we need to band together.

I don't think marriage should occur outside of a church, but I'm not gonna knock people who want to use the terms. It's not hurting me one bit. It's just words.