Comment: Also, people do not understand

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Also, people do not understand

Any and all societies will fail when corruption becomes mainstream, and sins become accepted.

The founding fathers understood, it did not matter what form of government you have, if the people are of upstanding morals. They chose a republic, because it gave those WITHOUT morals, the best chance to regain their power.

This is something anarchists(no offense) do not understand. 'No government Anarchy' would not work without a moral society, likewise, neither would a monarchy, or a oligarchy, or a republic! A republic was chosen because it gives us the best chance at retaining control of ourselves, when the pieces begin to fall apart.

Anarchy is very final, you are either in it, or you are a slave of some government. A monarchy, while it can be benevolent, is the same, you are already in it, and you know your a slave. A republic, gives the people the ability to take BACK a failing government, this is the only reason it was chosen.

The founding fathers were far smarter, than people around here, give them credit for.