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I completely disagree here

"On the other hand, they didn't believe that women, the poor or young adults deserved the right to vote or the inalienable right to property."

I disagree, they actually understood the real meaning of 'submission' something completely lost on our populous today.

If I asked you to submit to natural law, what am I asking of you?
Am I not asking you to respect and follow the laws of nature?

If you asked a woman to submit to her husband, why do you perceive this differently? Why does it all of the sudden seem like slavery?

Women of that generation, were respectful, often considered nobility, highly educated, many had their own businesses, and ran trade commercially for themselves or their husbands, while many whored themselves out, and lived life to the fullest.

There was no "women cannot work" garbage, until the early 1900's and some housewife did not understand the meaning of submission, and changed it to mean slavery. They submitted to the Christian principle, that it is a mans job to rule. A woman supports and helps her husband and her family, making her "free" eliminates her responsibility to her husband, and tears down the structure of family.

Please stop with the garbage that they founders did not respect women, they were a bit wrong on slavery, but let me ask you a question...

Under British rule, slaves were beaten if they were caught outside their owners house, if you were a slave owner, and you set all your slaves free, who's to say someone who didn't get the memo, wouldn't kill them for not being on their owners property?

I read some letters of Abigail adams the other day, in it, it said "I hired a negro to do some housework, I am contracted to pay him 10 pounds for the week." -It struck me, was this a free man? or did she pay a slave to do her yardwork?

Thomas Jefferson was said to have more slaves than anyone, and even took pictures with them. I have heard the uneducated say "He just wanted to show off how many slaves he had! Hateful bastard" Really?! I consider them rescued, he gave them a house, food and clothing, and treated them as his own family, even children did yard work back then! If you didn't work, you didn't eat!

A christian knows it is our job to take care of the poor, as well as support our fellow believers. As many of the founding fathers were financially VERY well off AND Christian, they were the ones protecting them, not enslaving them.

Don't forget, only 8% fought the British, many people still swore allegiance to the crown, and still followed its laws.