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No.1 cause of disease: Stress

All of that which you so validly stated can cause a great deal of stress, can't it? It's easy to get emotionally entangled in this web of psychotic confusion. Actually, with our technology and ability to communicate so freely, it is rather hard to convince people they are FREE™ Did someone not say that today it is far easier to kill millions than to control millions?

So now let's get ahead of the game. They've been spraying us, feeding us and making us drink poisons and radiating us with smart meters and lightbulbs that leak metals, weakening us and now comes the onslaught of stress after stress after stress. It's like we're allowing them to assist in our own suicides, whether physical or simply psychological.

So what good would one be to the revolution dead?

We will never be able to figure out what's next because we've never been here before. We didn't have internet to connect us locally or globally. But we do Now. We know this is a borderless issue we all face on this round rock. It'll take time to sink in but enough are aware of this new perspective and a new young generation is right behind us even more empowered by this connection. We are learning to change our perspectives to find new solutions to tiresome, cyclical patterns of problems.

We don't know how the masses will deal with those responsible for these problems but deal with them, they will.

For those of us seeking or hopeful for a peaceful revolution, we know that this needs to start within us all. We must be less susceptible to these imposed stresses, not by avoiding them but by not responding the way we always have. Let's try something different. Let's envision a world without them—a world where these days are remember in tales told to our grandchildren of how we overcame the greatest evolutionary milestone in our human collective consciousness.

The only power people need is the power they have within themselves.

Never doubt it.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin