Comment: A safe pass??

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A safe pass??

I don't think so, because geographically I don't see how they can fly to Ecuador, let alone South America without going through some air spaces of either the United States or other countries that cooperate with the United States.

This is why I think Edward Snowden needs to push as hard as he can to get acceptance into Iceland. The WikiLeaks team and Edwards attorney need to advocate all the advantages, and all the positive reasons why Iceland can accept Edward Snowden into their culture. Accepting him into Iceland would only cement further into the minds of the world that Iceland is a freedom loving country, plus that they are a caring country.

He would be an IT elites' dream asset at understanding encryptions, etc. of the best communication systems out there today. He could help them go after the bad guys.

He also would be a good citizen of Iceland. He's already proven that he puts the country and its people above his own selfish interests. He risked his life, so that everybody else won't be spied on by the government. He has the very unusual and very uncommon quality called LOYALTY! I just cannot say enough about this young man. I beg you Iceland to please take Edward Snowden. The whole world is watching you and most people want Edward to go to Iceland, not Ecuador, mainly because of the criminal element there.