Comment: Jd925 -- when you put forth the Broken Window Fallacy or

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Jd925 -- when you put forth the Broken Window Fallacy or

the evidence that raising minimum wage actually increases unemployment or a dozen other libertarian free market arguments.....AND... you get deflecting and off the point remarks combined with quips such as ..."Maybe I'll read it after a I read the Communist Manifesto" --

My point is you are doing what people do to you when you present the free market case. You clearly recognize that here is somebody of work that directly challenges your prior thoughts/beliefs that violence is increasing, so you deflect, dismiss, and refuse to take up the challenge and read it.

Be better than that.


PS. Yes, read Burke and Rummel and as I wrote, Pinker addresses Rummels great data on government killings.... yet there the facts are, despite govt violence and wars, still total violence is declining. Come on, at the very least you can get yourself over to a bookstore and flip through its pages just for the graphs alone!

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