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As is apparent to anyone who has been keeping attention, this has been nothing but a bogus move questioning RT's credibility & honesty. Larry King claiming on RT that Glenn Greenwald is not a real journalist?! Airing garbage Marylin Manson Hollywood trash gossip interviews? How about discussing the Michael Jackson doctor overdosing issue for half an hour, Larry? Or how about inviting the Ziofascist Alan Derschowitz to discuss O. J. Simpson trial to death? That would transform RT into a real "news journalism" channel like CNN, wouldn't it? Whoopeeee! We could have Piers Morgan talking about Paris Hilton & Larry King discussing Anna Nicole Smith concurrently in the same time slot!!!

This is exactly what I had suspected anyway. As stated about hardcore commie Thom Hartmann dominating lot of time, I thought RT was controlled opposition anyway. Pity, this is the only thing on cable lineup which comes remotely close to discussing any real issues from time to time (NDAA, Monsanto, Israeli military aid, bank bailouts).

There is Max Keiser with his standard "Goldman Sachs = financial terrorists using derivatives as weapons of mass destruction" schtick, but goes on to state Austrian economics is fraud. There is Abby Martin talking about important issues of substance at least 75% of the time on Breaking the Set, but rest of the times pushing collectivist socialist agenda like opposition to free market capitalism etc.

Unfortunately, RT is looking more & more like controlled opposition; somewhat like that Young Turks guy railing about civil liberties issues once in a blue moon. With Larry King's arrival they've gone worse off from what they were before it.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!