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It's just a bare knuckle thought exercise

If the people of a nation want freedom, then it is worthwhile and possible to stand for freedom. But if the people of a nation want to be subjects, national freedom is impossible. I am not an advocate for slavery no more than I am an advocate for smoking pot, but if somebody wants it, that's their choice. I cannot impose it on them. There are currently no free nations on Earth, so moving doesn't give me personal freedom. History proves that totalitarianism is the normal social order of mankind with brief, regional interludes of free societies. And at no time in history has there ever been such absolute totalitarian power as there is in the United States right now (surveillance=totalitarianism). If totalitarianism is at this point irreversible and exodus is not an option and the masses desire totalitarianism, then the only option to be personally free is to join the ruling class. It would only be selling out if the people actually wanted to be free, but they don't.

Let's say 2% of Americans desire liberty, 1% are slave masters and 97% want to be slaves. With those demographics, the 2% cannot force a society that 98% don't want, but they can join the 1% to experience personal liberty and rule over the 97% and quit bugging the 1%. Within the Liberty Movement, there is a egocentric view that other people are not happy unless they are free. You and I would rather be dead than enslaved, but we are demographic oddities. People in North Korea eat dirt to fill their bellies, but they genuinely adore their Dear Leader. If freedom were imposed on them, they would be miserable. It's not if you can't beat them, join them, but rather give the market what it wants.

Or am I growing too cynical?