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US / Australia

I've always found thinking of the US as Australia's older brother to be a reasonable way of thinking about it. Both have grown up and left home, but you have a good whack more life experience, and different life experience than we do.

Don't underestimate how different it is.

We've got no history of revolution, or rather no history of successful revolution.

To be honest, the Prime Minister had it coming. Never, at least in my lifetime, have we had someone so petty, so hateful, so divisive as Prime Minister.

Liberty has taken some solid steps backwards, and but for a few chance outcomes would have taken a few more.

What you have to understand about Australia is that we retain our heritage as a prison colony. You don't complain about the rules, you just get on with life. So stuff people in the US complain about is simply accepted here without issue.

The NWO isn't even an issue here, although if you looked, you would find a lot of what you call 'NWO' stuff already in place. Labor ( the Democrat corollary ) is especially taken with that side of things.

So.. I'm not sure that answers anything for you, but its a bit of background.