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Down Under

Life in Oz is relatively fantastic. 20 Million people sprawled along a country the size of the USA.

Highly intelligent due to it's homogenized metro cities and education, though it does have a large influx of immigrants from the Asia pacific nations.

Everyone gets on without a hitch.

There is some issue with a few extremist's of Islam in one or two locales where the population is concentrated, but more air than bite.

Generally, people are highly accepting all round.

The government is seemingly more in the spotlight than might be a large nation like the USA, as it is no where near the size or scope per capita.

Unfortunately, every new world order plan that is spouted in both the USA and England also is verbatim pushed onto the Australian people.

Most are equally unaware as the US population, though there are more talking per day about the truth of what is going on and progress is being made.

Words move fast when only 4 Million in one of 7 key City's.

They attempted the terrorism spiel with 'call if you see anything' campaign. Didn't work.

Aussies are a laid back mob. It's all about a fair go for everyone.
So this terrorism thing whilst some do buy into it, do not seem to buy into doing something about it.

People are waking up. I'm doing my bit to help that along.