Comment: I would really like to know

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I would really like to know

How can one implement any immigration policy without breaking the law? I have looked at this issue every which way I can but I cannot find any logically congruent way within law to implement an immigration policy without violating the law.

If anyone can please explain to me how it is even possible to not break the law with enforcement of any immigration policy I really want to know. I am serious here. I only look for logical congruency within all law to find out what is indeed LAW. Just like scientific law Real law requires no conflicts for something to be law otherwise we are a nation of men's opinions and not a nation of law.

When using this standard of law, every which way I look at attempting to have ANY immigration policy only results in felony crimes being required to be committed to enforce such policy.

Please someone answer this because I take no stance outside of law and if anyone can demonstrate to me how immigration policy can be implemented without committing crime to enforce that policy then I really want to know what logically congruent path I have missed here. I cannot find the lawfully congruent path at this point but I am all ears if someone can show me.

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