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alternative view

From a guy commenting on Red State:

First of all, the basis for laws in the US is natural law, not the Constitution. Note the role of "the laws of nature and nature's God" in Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. The aim of the US Constitution was to confine government within natural law; it is an attempt to create an instance of a nation that conforms to natural law.

Since natural law is God's law, the two are perfectly aligned. Anything the government does that violates God's law, then, it does illegitimately.

The definition of marriage, like human liberty, arises from natural law. The "gay marriage" movement is an attempt to write laws that make a cat into a dog, or a house into a carriage. Pass all the laws you like, you cannot remake humanity into something that it is not, and government has no right to try.

There can be no liberty while Progressives are manipulating law to remake the universe according to their delusional vision.