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Although I disagree with you when you say same sex marriage was around a thousand years ago, I probably agree with everything else. that said it sickens me that some of the big arguments for gay marriage where so that they could share health insurance, or that they could have tax cuts. If you are getting married for those reasons, gay or straight, dont tell me because I might beat the crap out of you right there. I am frustrated that feminism has done everything in its power to make people believe that their is no difference between men and women, especially when the differences, both physical and mental, are wonderful and complimentary. With out this lie how could gay marriage ever come about? People believing this lie say things like "men and women are just alike so why cant you have men marrying men and women marrying women its the same thing as a woman marrying a man". Sad. Personally I dont care if two men or two women get together and call it marriage, but I hate that they expect me to call it marriage. I guess I am just waiting for the day that I will be sued by these people for not calling them married.