Comment: Again, I ask you: Will a UNNWO uphold the US Constitution?

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Again, I ask you: Will a UNNWO uphold the US Constitution?

It certainly seems like a NWO will be imposed on everyone sooner, rather than later. I have sometimes commented that the most important thing we can do, besides trying to prevent it, is to influence WHAT KIND of government will be implemented.

The "players" are all jockeying for control and position. No one has yet to emerge the victor. You have recently taken to posting much hostility towards a "UN" NWO and seem to be very much in favor of the Zionist driven NWO. We already know from what has happened to our own country that the Zionist NWO has no use for the US Constitution.

Maybe you could make a post explaining why you perceive a UNNWO is so evil, while a Zionist NWO is so wonderful. I really don't get it. I just want each nation to live and let live. More importantly, I want the US Constitution restored, respected and upheld in THIS country. What individual countries choose for themselves is their business and I don't want their ways imposed on me any more than they want our way of life imposed on them.

It is starting to look like your STAND WITH RAND 2016 signature is satire. I know Rand plays nice with Israel but, I don't see him putting Israel first, as a Zionist does at all costs.

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