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I'll give you a partial benefit of the doubt

Because I believe in the freedom of association, and I think that's your point. However I can't agree with doing so specifically based on misguided prejudices. I'm not a big fan of anybody acting "in your face" as they say about any aspect of themselves, but I understand that it's no one's duty to disprove stereotypes simply for the benefit of keeping my own panties from bunching (that's my job).

I think an essential component of your argument is that you want to keep your kids away from people because you're afraid they're going to catch "the gay", please do correct me if I'm wrong. The disparity in your false equivalence between bikers and homosexuals is that (and here's where you're misguided) bikers choose to be bikers, while homosexuals don't choose to be homosexuals. Maybe that's my failing though, since the ad lib in my first post was perhaps just as inaccurate. I don't think bigots choose to be bigots either, it's inherited from their parents. Feel free to pass on your disease.