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Before And After

I actually designed the ad and it does say before and after on it... they used an earlier ad in the mail out.... why I don't know.

Their research showed that 80-90% of American's had no idea a 3rd tower fell. so the best message was to keep it simple, back to basics.

More researched showed that people didn't realize the single picture of the building was falling down, so we added the before and after for ease of comprehension... The add shown on their site is a very early and hideous version. They are left-brainers trying to do right-brained advertising. It's also a committee, so that doesn't help.

Not sure where you got "never forget" it doesn't say that anywhere.

On a side note... it will also be in London's 'grand central station' on 4 or 5 electronic billboards... last I heard.