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You appear to be implying

You appear to be implying that when gays ask for equal protection under the law, they are trying to force the biker ideology and biker lifestyle on to you (others).

I think that your thoughts on force and what not simply shows how people think differently about force and the initiation of it. If on one side, you have "the parent has all of the responsibility; he has to live with other's doing whatever they want around his children", you are on the other side: "the parent can force others into behaviour that he finds acceptable).

Of course there is always the in-between "parents should reasonable respect the rights of others while at the same time they can reasonably force change in the behaviours of others."

It is simply a difference in philosophy.

In a simpler example, what do you expect if you someone starts smoking next to you, and the smoke offends you? Should you leave, or should he leave?

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