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The smoking example

The smoking example illustrates the principle once again. If I think smoking is unhealthy, I have a right to avoid it. I don't have a right to force people not to smoke, and I wouldn't bother trying.

If a person smokes near me in a business situation, I have a right to deny them my business going forward. If smokers come near my kids, I have a right to get my kids out of that situation. I have a right, likewise, to tell my kids that smokers are harming themselves and will ultimately be less happy.

Mostly, I will be (as I am in real life) utterly indifferent to smokers.

But if smokers' rights advocates get laws passed requiring I acknowledge and embrace their culture, and requiring that my kids be exposed to pro-smoking material in public settings, my rhetoric and action against smokers will become more extreme. If there seems to be a pro-smoker agenda that denounces people who don't like smoking as bigots, and tries to normalize smoking so people who would have never smoked are likely to begin, I will resist it and try to educate people regarding the fact that this lifestyle is probably very unhealthy for them.