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Comment: It all boils down to free

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It all boils down to free

It all boils down to free will as the utmost foundation. Whether you believe God gave us free will or it evolved by means of our intelligence and evolution in the natural world we all possess the autonomy to do what we want when we want. I also believe our souls are here to learn lessons and spiritually evolve through our choices here on Earth. Our goal should be to use our free will in a manner that uplifts ourselves and through love those around us.

Rights are the second level built out of free will. While we recognize that we are free to do what we wish, we also know that our free will should not impose upon other's free will. If I use my will to damage another I am in one way or another diminishing their free will by physical or psychological harm or imprisonment. This is why only actions that create a victim should be governed by laws. This is the most fundamental contract we have with our fellow human beings and in our Republic this contract is the Constitution. That is why the Republic is based on respect for our fellow man. We may disagree with his actions, but he is exercising his will and by our mutual contract I have no authority to use my will to diminish his as long as he is not doing the same to others.

Laws should then only be created to uphold this contract we have among our fellow humans. This is why government is dangerous as it creates a structure that codifies a system that robs us of our free will and forces us to bend our energy to the will of the rulers. An example of this is the Draft. During the Vietnam war, thousands of young men were robbed of their free will and sent over to war so that the government and war profiteers could create wealth and power for themselves and thus expand their will by robbing it from other.

The war on drugs is so insidious because smoking Cannabis is a pure expression of my free will and the consequences will be mine alone and the lessons I learn from these consequences will help me evolve spiritually. When the government takes my free will to smoke Cannabis, I am robbed not only of my will but also my ability to face my own consequences and spiritually learn from them.

That was pretty conceptual but I hope it makes sense in one form or another.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.