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Ask the person ...

... if they want to live in a peaceful society. Isn't that the main goal of politics? It is NOT the main goal of psychopaths, but it is the main goal of most people. It's why people debate political issues, trying to find the best way for a peaceful society.

If you ask someone that and find out that they think violence to achieve goals in society is a good thing, then you are dealing with a psychopath, by definition. This assumes you are talking about something other than self-defense (and of course, the psychopath will conjure up some scheme to justify that anything they don't like is self-defense, but they are just playing word games).

If they agree that a peaceful society is the ultimate goal of politics, then ask them if a peaceful society is possible if you have the right to take their property by force to achieve what you think is best for others. Do you have the right to steal from them if you would like to have their property? Do you have the right to steal from them if you think someone else would better benefit from their property? Do you have the right to rape them if you want sex? Do you have the right to kill them if you don't like what they say?

If nobody can steal from them to "do good things for others," then that includes stealing from them to feed or care for others. It is perfectly fine and good to help others, but it is not acceptable to harm Adam for the purpose of helping Baker. Baker can seek his own food and medical care.

In the USSR, there were breadlines when the government had control of food. Today, there are waiting lists and medical refusals where government has control of health care. Not only is it immoral to use the force of government, but it is counterproductive because it does not work.

In the USA, prior to the government taking over so much, there were soup kitchens and free clinics for the poor. The idea that it is EITHER the government uses force to solve social problems OR people will be dying in the streets is a LIE. In fact, there are MORE THAN two possibilities.

Look up the term "false dichotomy."