Comment: Actually it hasn't. In Genesis

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Actually it hasn't. In Genesis

In Genesis it talks about the Son's of God marrying the daughters of men and having giants. Gog was the land of Giants. God speaks of Gog returning in the last days. God brought a flood in the Days of Noah because of the evil that was occurring on earth. Many think the Biblical books of Enoch and Jasher, uncanonized by European Bible Scholars, speak of the genetic alterations that caused these giants. These books describe these marriages brought the destruction to the earth and Noah and the seeds of the earth he gathered were spared. Gay marriage may occur but they are not marrying God they are marrying evil spirits dead spirits that have no place in heaven. In other words they are making vows to Satan. God has truly given them up. This occurrence does bring destruction on America even if "Me and my house serve the Lord." My home is not here and neither is my treasure. We don't live under Sharia law to go kill them for this. All we can do is tell them they will be destroyed for it. Even for ;this little thing we try to do to save them...THEY CALL OUT THE THOUGHT POLICE ON US TO REMOVE OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS.