Comment: John Boehner is a liar ...

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John Boehner is a liar ...

... never forget that. Remember how he helped to screw Ron Paul during the convention? Remember how he talked tough on spending cuts and debt ceilings and so many other empty promises?

You have to parse Boehner's words. He can take the Senate bill to conference and issue a "conference report," and that can then be taken to the floor (it's not a "bill") and then it can go to a joint committee and eventually that can be passed by House and Senate. When he says "this bill" won't go to the floor, he is NOT saying he will not bring ANYTHING to to floor.

This bill (or any derivative of it) has 3 things about it to remember:

(1) No border security, only cheap talk,

(2) Immediate defacto amnesty for illegal aliens AND their family members, which means no more border security because anyone crossing illegally can just claim to be a family member, and

(3) A new national database for YOU and all Americans that will be a way of requiring people to get government permission to get a job or open a bank account.